Escape, discover and explore with ACE Marine Expeditions, Koh Tao, Thailand

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Koh Tao's premier professional luxury diving operator, offering day tours, dive courses, and private charters

Founded in 1996, We are also Koh Tao's original underwater photography and film school with all diving courses are available with us from beginner to professional levels.

tours around Koh Tao and Ang Thong Marine Park, Whale Shark Watch program, luxury speedboat trips, exclusive private charters. CCR friendly if you dive using a re-breather.

class setting of 2 students per 1 instructor in many languages! Students  have the luxury of learning at their own pace, in the comfort of their own resort, and on their schedule. 

Experienced divers have the option of diving in an expedition group size of 2 divers with a professional guide or are free to explore the reefs with your buddy.

We offer unique luxury trips for special events such as weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and birthdays. Family, friends, and group packages are also available. Enjoy our excellent service with a personal touch.

Let us get you away from the crowds and show you some of the best diving and pristine beaches that the Gulf of Thailand has to offer. 

For booking inquiries, email us, or come and visit us at The Gallery-Restaurant and Spa in Sairee Village or at our ACE HQ. Call us for personal booking service and we will meet you at your resort. 


 Sea Turtle photographed while diving with ACE Marine Expeditions-Koh Tao, ThailandScuba diving with ACE Marine Expeditions



Our wish is for all of our guests to discover and enjoy an unforgettable diving holiday both above and below the waves. Booking with us is easy. Send us an email in advance and we will send a booking form online, or simply call us from your resort on Koh Tao and we will meet you and assist you with all your expedition plans. You can also visit our HQ in Sairee Village or visit our staff at The Gallery.

We operate as a small, professional, eco-friendly dive company with a limit of 10 divers per trip on our Dive Expedition boat and 6 maximum on our luxury speedboat so we can maintain our high standards of customer care. Our staff are also professional underwater film makers or photographers with a wealth of knowledge to help any of our guests with their camera and photo needs. Our guests are afforded the luxury of staying where they want and diving when they want. Our dive expedition schedules are easily tailored to ensure that we miss the crowds and enjoy amazing dive sites. We operate our own dive boats so we have the flexibility to make special dive excursions to suit our diver’s needs. We want every one of our guests to enjoy the beauty of diving Koh Tao the way we have always liked to - on our own and at the best times of day. We base our trips on the recommendations of our very experienced captain and staff who monitor the daily currents, tides and weather for the best diving conditions available. As a result all our divers, photographers and film makers benefit by diving in the best conditions possible. Our diver’s safety and overall satisfaction is our number one priority. Join us and discover why Koh Tao has grown to be a great diving destination for divers and photographers and why we love this beautiful diving paradise.

Dive Expeditions and Whale Shark Watch Programme

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Ang Thong National Marine Park Expedition


nudibranch photographed with ACE Marine Images Academy

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